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Book Overview
The Network Is Your Customer (book)

The Network Is Your Customer:
Five Strategies to Thrive
in a Digital Age

by David L. Rogers

January 2011
Yale University Press

With clear analysis and practical frameworks, this book provides a strategic guide that any business or nonprofit can use to succeed in the digital age

Marketing expert David Rogers examines how digital technologies—from smartphones to social networks—connect us in networks that transform our relationships to businesses and each other. To thrive today, organizations need new strategies—strategies designed for customer networks.

Rogers offers five strategies that any business can use to create new value:

  • ACCESS—be faster, be easier, be everywhere, be always on
  • ENGAGE—become a source of valued content
  • CUSTOMIZE—make your offering adaptable to your customers' needs
  • CONNECT—become a part of your customers' conversations
  • COLLABORATE—involve your customers at every stage of your enterprise

Rogers explains these five strategies with over 100 cases from every type and size of business -- from shoes to news, and software to healthcare. In The Network Is Your Customer, he shows

  • How Apple harnessed a host of collaborators to write apps for its iPhone
  • How IBM designed a videogame to help sell its enterprise software
  • How Ford Motors inspired an online community to build brand awareness for its new Fiesta

…and countless other cases from consumer, b2b, and nonprofit categories.

The book outlines a process for planning and implementing a customer network strategy to match your customers, your business, and your objectives -- whether you need to drive sales, to enhance innovation, to reduce costs, to gain customer insight, or to build breakthrough products and services. Because today, whatever your goals and whatever your business, the network is your customer.

David Rogers teaches at Columbia Business School, in New York City, where he is executive director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership. He speaks at conferences worldwide and has consulted and advised numerous companies and nonprofits, such as SAP, Eli Lilly, and Visa.

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